Don Thomson Consulting Engineers (DTCE) was founded in 1987 by Don Thomson as a way to continue his passion for structural engineering. Over the decades, he has developed the company to what it is today.

For nearly 30 years, the company has provided engineering solutions for the Greater Wellington region and the country. Along the way there have been several moves of office, changes in technology, and updates to engineering standards. However, throughout this Don Thomsons’ has continued to provide excellent, cost effective, and most importantly, safe designs to our clients.

We have seen many engineers grow and develop their skills while working here at DTCE. We currently have 8 Engineers, 2 drafters, 3 intern engineers, 1 administrator, and  1 practice manager. We continue to support young engineers as they strive to achieve CPEng status, with two of our engineers recently acquiring CPEng, and one going through the process. At DTCE, we pride ourselves in the relaxed but hard working atmosphere we achieve that we extend to all our clients.