For any Rapid Assessments, Initial Evaluating Procedure (IEP), or  Detailed Seismic Assessments (DSA) that your building needs, DTCE can undertake the report writing, design and monitoring of any structural engineering work involved. We can also help assess parapets, brick walls, and any other at risk structures that may need inspecting. At DTCE, we are well acquainted with the stringent regulations and building codes that Wellington City Council has enacted to keep buildings safe in the event of a disaster.

As of January 2016, the New Zealand government has given a one year deadline for earthquake prone buildings within the Wellington region to secure un-reinforced masonry facades and parapets. DTCE can help with all aspects of this work, and ensure that your building is safe for pedestrians and tenants.

If your building needs more work, our most comprehensive report, a DSA, can accurately assess the structural seismic strength of any building compared to the New Building Standard (%NBS). If the building is found lacking in any areas, the report will outline the measures needed to attain a higher %NBS and the costs involved with the construction.

New Zealand is very susceptible to large earthquakes, and the Greater Wellington region in particular is at risk due to the major fault lines that run through it. With the disaster in Christchurch a reminder of what can go wrong, seismic strengthening is more important then ever to keep your business or residence safe.